Chartering an Aircraft is just one call away!

Aircraft Charter Services: We proudly offer you our “On-demand” Air Taxi Service.


Hourly Rate
PAX Seating
Ground Time
Door Dimensions
beechcraft baron 58a
Beechcraft Baron 58a
Twin Engine, Radar Cabin Class, GPS
220 mph
$500 per day
Fwd: 39″ (H)
Aft: 35 (H)
42 7/8″ (W)

Pilots expenses, meals and lodging (Meals: Breakfast $8, Lunch $12, Dinner $16)
7 ½% Federal Excise Fee, $4.10 Segment fee (Federal Excise tax applies to Cessna 421 Only)
Landing, ramp and tie down fees if incurred
Aircraft storage during inclement weather
Customs fees when applicable
Second pilot- $40 per hour
In-flight beverages and snacks
Catering available
Hotel and Car reservations

Convenient pick up and drop off at Co. Bluffs, Omaha Eppley or other local airports.

Think about this: We have the capability to land at well over 6,000 airports!

Compare that to scheduled airlines, serving about 200 airports, and you’ll have to agree that in most cases, we can have you where you need to be when you need to be there! We can save you the headaches of airline schedules, connecting flights, long lines and all of the other nuisances normally encountered with commercial air travel. Just bypassing a major terminal alone can make for a much better flight! Give us a call today, and we’ll be glad to show you how surprisingly affordable and convenient a charter flight can be.

CALL (712) 323-2173 anytime to charter your flight.