Ramp Services

  • Full Service Fuel: Available During Hours of Operation
  • Fuel Type: 100LL & Jet A w/ Prist
  • (Single Point Available)
  • Parking: Hangars and Tie-downs Available
  • Ramp Fees: No
  • Ground Power Unit: Available
  • Engine Pre-heat: Available
  • Aircraft Wash (must be scheduled in advance)
  • AvGas, Jet Fuel, Oxygen, Hangars, Tie-Downs, Aircraft Detailing
  • Maintenance services available
  • Detailing

Terminal Services

  • Bathrooms: Men/Women Available
  • Crew Car: First Come/First Serve
  • Pilot Lounge and planning room: Bathroom/Shower Available
  • Weather Planning Room: Available
  • Vending Machines: Drink and Snack
  • Catering: Call Ahead
  • Computer Testing: Call for Information
  • Lav cart
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • AVIS rental car available on site (only 1 car is on site to call ahead to schedule)
  • Courtesy mini-van available
  • Taxi cab options: Lift, Casino Cab 712-322-4575, Happy cab Town car 402-208-6984
  • Click here for a list of local hotels

Pilot Supplies

  • Full U.S. Charts Dealer
  • Approach Plates / AFDs
  • Educational Supplies / Textbooks
  • Test Preparation Supplies
  • Headsets
  • Much More!
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