Certificates /Ratings Achievable through Advanced Air, Inc.

  • Certificates /Ratings Achievable through Advanced Air, Inc.
  • Private – Instrument Rating – Commercial Certificate – Multi engine Rating
  • Flight Instructor Certificate – Flight Instructor Instrument Training – Multi engine Instructor Rating
  • Complex Endorsement – High Performance Endorsement
  • We offer both 141 and 61 programs
  • We are VA approved for the Private, Instrument, Commercial, Multi CFI   

Here is how You get Started:

  • 1.Visit us to check out our beautiful facilities!
  • 2. Experience a 30 minute discovery flight as an introduction to aviation.
  • 3. Set up an appointment to meet with one of our 13 Certified Flight Instructors.
  • 4. Schedule flights in any of our 10 well-maintained aircraft.
  • 5. Start flying!

Instruction prices:

Ground $26
Primary instruction:/ Dual $40
Advanced instruction / Dual $45
Stage Check $48
Multi instruction $50

Click on the icons below to find more information about UNO’s Aviation Institute, commonly asked questions answered by the FAA, or schedule an aircraft through your Flight Schedule Pro account.